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Taste delicious food here in CALGARY

Daawat is a modern restaurant which takes its inspiration from an age old approach to dining. This approach allows you to choose a variety of appetizers and entrees to share with your dining companions


4825 Westwinds Dr NE #9, Calgary, AB T3J 4L4, Canada

Opening Time

Monday - Sunday

11am - 10pm


+1 403 923 4500

Foods you love to taste

At DAAWAT, You can enjoy different dining venues including a showcase open kitchen where you can see our chefs cooking on the Tawa (griddle) and sigri (bar-b-que), a relaxing lounge area, a community dining table, the main dining room or a private dining room.

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Lunch Special

Beef Seekh Kebab, Chicken Curry, Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Daal Maash, Chana, Chicken Biryani


Breakfast Special

Puri 3 Pcs, Halwa, Dahi & Achar. Only saturday and sunday

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